Recipes Steak BBQ Beef. (Recipes America)

Bosen processing beef it was just, let's peek my simple preparations


1 kg of beef
5 pieces of carrot
10 pieces Beans
900 gr Potatoes
Salt to taste)
Pepper (to taste)
Ribs sauce
BBQ sauce


Boil carrots and beans, do not forget to use less salt when boiling potatoes and Gorenglah.

Cut a bit thick to form Such Beef Steak (optional) season Beef using salt and pepper let stand a few minutes. Half-cooked fried Beef using Butter

Take Case For Ribs Sauce. After the half-cooked fried Beef, in a container that contains Sauce Ribs and allow a few minutes for the Ribs Sauce seep into the meat. Grill according to taste (be overcooked or undercooked) and season Bbq Beef Steak with Sauce.

Lift Bbq Beef Steak on a plate along with Carrots, Beans, Potatoes and Mayonnaise. Serve

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