Recipes Drink Es kelapa Orange

Unlike the usual Es Kelapa Muda, water use orange juice is fresh coconut ice making all tastes. A glass was not enough! Want more 'feel' the oranges? Add a few drops of lemon juice, obtained definitely unique coconut ice once. Pour boiling water in order to drink young coconut meat is resistant 2-3 days in the refrigerator.

Material: 2 young coconuts 5 pieces of orange juice (citrus) 1 liter of boiled water / coconut water 300 gr sugar 2 pandan leaf How to make: Dredger young coconut meat, brewed with hot water, drain. Absorb coconut water separately. Sugar syrup: cook the coconut milk, sugar and pandan leaves until sugar dissolves. Chill. Squeeze the citrus download orange water, set aside. In the container, place the young coconut meat, pour the lemon juice and sugar syrup and stir well. Add ice or refrigerate until served.


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