Recipes Egg Paratha. (Recipes india)

Food origin from India in modif slightly adapted to the tongue Indonesia. Usually used for breakfast in the morning


250 grams of wheat flour
Water taste
2 chicken eggs
1 onion
2 fresh tomatoes
salt to taste
tomato sauce to taste
chili sauce to taste
mayonaise taste


Baking Paratha
Mix the flour and a pinch of salt stir add water and stir again until smooth and not sticky hands, let stand for 15 minutes.

Take the dough paratha, shape into a round - a round (of size out round) coat it with flour, then pipihkan with a rolling pin right and left so that it becomes slightly oval basting with cooking oil season with wheat flour to dry and press the center to form like a seashell and Close the to the other side.

Sprinkle again with flour and then Flatten with a rolling pin to become thin round.

Heat a non-stick pan, place dough on top paratha wait for 1-2 minutes, turning the dough and spread with cooking oil behind the back and do the same thing until golden brown remove and drain.

Beat eggs, add the oil in the top of the pan, put the eggs wait 1 minute and place the paratha over eggs and press until sticky paratha with egg back and forth until cooked and drain.

Sliced ​​onions and sliced ​​tomatoes lengthwise, place it on top of the dough paratha and eggs, season with tomato sauce, chili sauce bottle and add the mayonnaise, then rolled, and cut into 2, Egg Paratha ready to be served.


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