Recipes Gurame Fly. (Recipes indonesia)

Recipes Gurame Fly, usually carp fly can only get in the seafood stall, but you turned out to be able to create your own fish ternang fry that tastes delicious and tasty, especially when added to the vegetables fresh and diverse sambal your favorite, such as sambal plow spicy-sweet , also you can enjoy for Dabu Dabu cocolan sauce was fresh and spicy.

The main ingredient :

1 fish carp rather large size
2 tablespoons corn starch
1 tablespoon rice flour
1/2 packs of bread flour
vinegar to taste

How to Make Gurame Fly:

1.Clean the carp ago in the file to the head, but not until disconnected.
2.Sprinkle with a little vinegar until blended and then wash with running water until clean
3.Combine corn starch, rice flour and bread flour until blended then coat the body of the fish until blended.
4.Heat the pan with the oil and hold a lot of body parts and shapes such as flying fish and fry while on hold until stiff.
5.Flush flush the fish until golden then remove and drain.
6.Serve carp fly with fresh vegetables and a sauce of your choice.

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