Recipes Chicken Sausage Cheese Souffle. (Recipes Prancis)


250 grams of chicken breast (boiled and suwir2 smp tender meat)
3 pcs sausage pieces tipis2
4 pcs yolk
4 pcs egg white
5 tablespoons flour
100 gr margarine
200 ml milk
100 gr grated cheese chedar
Sugar salt pepper to taste oregano

1.Melt margarine, then enter the flour stir quickly smp clot then enter the milk, after the chicken, sausage and cheese (half of it, reserving For sprinkles) and egg yolk. Cook until the dough is well blended and cooked. Give a little sugar, salt and pepper. Taste tests.

2.Beat the egg whites until fluffy and white stiff. Enter half of the egg whites into the batter batter chicken td aduk2 smp mixed, then just put all the chicken mixture into the rest of the egg whites. Do not mouthful too long stirred mixed.

3.Prepare a heat resistant dish, put the dough into the dish, put sprinkles on top of cheese and oregano. Oven for 30 minutes with a temperature of 180 degrees Celsius.


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