Recipes Spanish baked fish. (Recipes Spanyol)

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1 fish Seabream fish (spanish; Lubina) Depending fish tastes can be replaced and the usual potomg fish or fillets to taste.
8 tomato seeds Rama / dg can also cherry tomatoes
1 red onion
1 red pepper (small)
10 olive green beans
4 tablespoons white wine
1 tsp cumin / cummin
Salt to taste
1 tablespoon capers (optional)
1 teaspoon ground red pepper
Olive oil to taste
Parsley (optional)


1.Clean the fish and potong2 (use baham fillet lbh gampangnya not complicated For potong2 fish) dg fish rub a little salt and a little onion governance and governance amid dg fish neatly on top of the onions in the pan / heat resistant dish.

2.Next layout neat leftover onions disamping2 fish and so on governance peppers, tomatoes rama, olive, capers around the fish.

3.Once everything neat, flush fish (fish parts only) dg white wine and sprinkle cumin and paprika powder on the surface of the fish.

4.And last flush fish and vegetables little by little until evenly dg oil.tambahkan olive parsley over fish (optional) and enter sdh hot oven temperature to 200 dg derajat.oven approximately 20 minutes, until the tomatoes sdh looked a little wilted.

5.Serve with boiled potatoes that are already in potong2 neat.

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